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Opening Arguments

Court costs

What interesting timing. Just as Fort Wayne abandons its dumb proposal to create a city court to generate more revenue (at least for now), another Indiana municipality goes in the right direction:

Clarksville Town Council has scheduled two special meetings this week to discuss the possibility of eliminating the town's court.

Council President Greg Isgrigg said it will be a forum for the community to ask questions and voice concerns. Isgrigg said the data would be presented to the council since the topic has not been discussed at prior meetings.

[. . .]

Isgrigg said Clerk-Treasurer Gary Hall provided the town with information showing it could save money by eliminating the court.

Eliminate court. Save money. Got that?

UPDATE: Well, they chickened out and kept the municipal court, despite the fact that it loses money.

Clerk-Treasurer Gary Hall provided financial figures at the outset of the meeting that the court was operating at a deficit of $150,470 this year. The numbers presented for 2010 were an improvement on the previous two years, when losses totaled $165,487 and $226,206, respectivel