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Opening Arguments


Just in case you don't yet realize that cameras are everywhere:

The manager of an upmarket restaurant used CCTV footage to eavesdrop on a customer's lunch conversation and dispute the woman's complaints about poor service.

Marilyn Fletcher wrote to the Manor Restaurant near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, alleging her £127 meal for four had been 'not much better than a school dinner'. She complained her family had waited 20 minutes before they were offered a drink.

[. . .]

Mr Offen claimed that despite their complaint, the Fletchers ate all their food - something they deny.

He ended by saying: 'It is probably better that you do not use our facilities here again.'

Mrs Fletcher, of Great Missenden, Bucks, said she felt 'outrage at the invasion of our privacy', the report quoted her as saying.

Privacy ain't what it used to be, Mrs. Fletcher. Best be careful when you feel like lying.