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Opening Arguments

Dat's all, folks

I've figured out why the Colts lost the Super Bowl. It's amazingly simple when you think about it, and it all goes back to this one play:

The Saints coach made all the right moves, most notably calling for an onside kick to start the second half, depriving the Colts of the ball when Indianapolis had a 10-6 lead and changing the tone of the game.

Until that play, it was anybody's game, but the Colts still had the edge. The onside kick completely changed the momentum of the game.

And it was a stupid call. An onside kick in the middle of the game is such a risky move -- if the Colts had gotten the ball, they would have had terrific field position and another touchdown, and the game would have been all but over. What possessed the Saints to take such a risk?

Well, they've been doing that all year, because they bought into the idea that they were more than a mere football team. They were the spirit of the Who Dat Nation, representing the downtrodden folks of New Orleans, who had to fight back not only from a devastating forces of nature but an inept and surely racist federal government that


Bob G.
Mon, 02/08/2010 - 11:38am

Nice touch.

And here I was thinking the whole "WHO DAT?" thing was some southsider answering the door for the police coming to serve another warrant...LOL.
(who knew?)