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Opening Arguments


We haven't been able to turn on the TV for the past year without being bombarded by digital-conversion hysteria, and still some people don't get it?

Starting in the morning and going into the night, TV stations across the U.S. are cutting their analog signals Friday, ending a six-decade era for the technology and likely stranding more than 1 million unprepared homes without TV service.

The Federal Communications Commission put 4,000 operators on standby for calls from confused viewers, and set up demonstration centers in several cities.

[. . .]

A survey sponsored by broadcasters showed that Americans are well aware of the analog shutdown, thanks to a yearlong barrage of TV ads. But not everyone was sure exactly what it means, or what needs to be done to tune in to digital TV.

You know what the government should have done -- set up easy voter registration programs to so these people could sign up when they picked up their government-subsidized converter boxes. We can't let the political process keep limping along with the participation of such informed, involved citizens.


Bob G.
Fri, 06/12/2009 - 10:24am

You keep thinking with such common sense, and the current administration will put you on more than a few of it's "Lists".

OR...maybe YOU could be Obama's DTV/VOTER CZAR...!