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Opening Arguments

Diverse rights

If you want to know how the Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission is spending your money, here's one way: It's going to send 19 fifth-graders to a re-education multicultural human rights camp:

At 5 p.m. Friday in the Omni Room of the City-County building the group of students, from various racial, cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, will depart for the multicultural human rights camp, city officials said in a news release. The camp will teach the students about inter-cultural awareness and human rights.

Are "multicultural" human rights that spring from "inter-cultural awareness" the same as plain, old-fashioned individual human rights, the ones we're all entitled to just for being alive and on the planet? Probably insensitive of me to even ask. As Fort Wayne Observed notes, puckishly: "We can only hope that whatever is taught will teach some 18th century ideas of individual rights intrinsic to every person.

"The release doesn't indicate whether the children selected will be issued uniforms by the government."