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Opening Arguments

Dogs and cats, Part II

Well, I am stunned:

Muscular men really do get the girls more often than their less brawny brothers — at least in the short term, research suggests.

The well-muscled are twice as likely to have more sex partners, flings and affairs than those with less toned and chiseled physiques. But in the end, the research suggests, women tend to choose the less buff for long-lasting love.

Women choose musclemen for brief liaisons, but the less burly appear more desirable for long-term relationships because women believe they're more faithful and romantic. The brawny were seen as more domineering and volatile.

Men are much more sensible. We actually want to marry the sexy babes and keep the plain but smart women around as friends so we have somebody to talk to. Never mind the high divorce rate. It's remarkable that any marriages actually work out.

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