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Opening Arguments

Doodle dandy

Not real sure about this:

Doodling while listening can help with remembering details, rather than implying that the mind is wandering as is the common perception. According to a study published today in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, subjects given a doodling task while listening to a dull phone message had a 29% improved recall compared to their non-doodling counterparts.

I doodle all the time, in meetings or interviews, on the phone whether the conversation is dull or interesting, in the margins of my newspaper, on paper napkins at restaurants. If this study is right, I should have the best freaking memory in the world, and that is just not . . . what were we talking about, anyway?

Posted in: All about me, Science


Bob G.
Wed, 03/04/2009 - 12:32pm

I dunno, Leo...
Hold up that doodle-sheet so we can BOTH remember, 'K?