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Opening Arguments

Endangered species

I just got an e-mail alert that the mastodons are leaving downtown, so you'd better seem 'em soon if you haven't already. But the online auction for those who want to bid on a mastodon is ready and will continue until Oct. 20:

Place your highest, most comfortable bid now. The mastodons are going to be auctioned October 21, 2005, at the Grand Wayne Center. If you are without a ticket, a special web address will be made available for you to bid LIVE while the auction is occurring on 16 mastodons of the heard.

Money raised from the event will fo to the United Way. More information is available here.

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Mike Sylvester LP
Fri, 09/30/2005 - 8:54am

The only Endagered Species I know of are fiscal conservatives in political office...