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Opening Arguments

Enough already

Let's see. If the General Assembly allows us to have a gambling referendum, and we vote to approve a casino, that means we can start building by . . . Oh, wait. Gov. Daniels says not so fast there, boys:

I think we've gone as far as we should go. If we're not at saturation, we're approaching it. Now, here come other states more fiscally desperate than we are trying to get in the game. So, no expansion would make any sense to me financially or otherwise.

That's another important no, almost as important as the one from David Long, president pro-tem of the Senate.  Almost the only possible way for Fort Wayne to get a casino without "expanding" gambling is for it to nab one of the Gary licenses if one is turned back into the state. Any bets? Think Mayor Henry will finally give all this up? Me, either.


Wed, 12/30/2009 - 5:33pm

Thank you for using 'gambling' instead of the sickly euphemism 'gaming'. My libertarian tendencies are trumped by my overall concern about my town in this case. Plus, the pragmatist in me tells me that there's no net gain to be had from having a casino here.

Wed, 12/30/2009 - 9:37pm

Yes keep all the "Charity Gaming" nights we have "casino nights" and lotto tickets in every store etc...Thats fine but bring a casino in and oh no now we will have addicts and mafia stuff. WE HALF TO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST !!!. By the way its obvious to me they are bringing one here, our state DEPENDS on it, and we are struggling. Its coming, just politics now. Might as well embrace the positives.