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Opening Arguments

Face the music

Have to say that when it comes to musical taste, I'd go with Barack Obama

Everyone knows you're a Jay-Z fan, but who else is on your iPod?
My staff teases me about how eclectic my tastes are. I've got Frank Sinatra, I've got Sheryl Crow, I've got John Coltrane, I've got Bob Dylan. There's Javanese flute music, African dance music, a lot of R&B.

over John McCain:

This might sound like a sleazy rumor out of one of those 527 ads, but we've heard you're a huge ABBA fan. Can this possibly be true? Honestly?
Yes, I have to give a straight-talk answer. I'm also a Roy Orbison fan and a Linda Ronstadt fan — all the ones whose place in the spotlight ended some years ago. But I like Usher, too. I was on Saturday Night Live with him, got to see him perform, and I was very impressed with him.

Actually, I like just about everything on both lists, but ABBA? Seriously, ABBA? That's just unacceptable in a presidential candidate. Mama Mia!