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Opening Arguments

Film at -- well, any time

Under a proposed amendment to the city's noise ordinance, fireworks will be limited to 13 days a year, a change made possible by state legislation this year. This is either, A) a sensible step toward peace and quiet or, B) more unwarranted government meddling by the usual suspects, an argument we've been having for a long time. I link to the post mostly because of the accompanying video by reporter Ryan Lengerich.

I've been posting videos on our Web site for a couple of years, and now it looks like I'll have some competition. Our reporters are being given point-and-shoot digital cameras, which can also handle video. Ryan is the first to make use of this capability and, through the Vimeo Web site, can get the videos online almost as soon as the event he is shooting is over.

You're going to be seeing a lot more of this, which is one of the ways our business is changing. The videos won't feature slick production techniques, but they will be immediate and relevant, adding a new dimension to the coverage of issues.

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Steve Towsley
Mon, 05/21/2007 - 2:13pm

I just hope these new videographers all buy and use a tripod. One of the most common frustrations with so-called amateur videos is the shakiness of the image when there's no necessity for it.

Equally ruinous is the image wherein the subject is a black silhouette while the background is brightly lit. Use that Backlight or Shade feature, folks (even if you use auto-exposure), or at least try to photograph your subject from a side that has a little light on it.