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Opening Arguments

Fort Wayne hammered

Sigh. Fort Wayne is famous again. The complete text of the police report of our claw-hammer guy has found its way onto The Smoking Gun Web site. As the site advises:

It was then that Officer S. Hughes and a colleague were treated to the sight of a prone Ronald Miller, 56, engaging in a remarkably lewd act on his living room sofa. For the dirty details, you'll have to read the below Fort Wayne Police Department report, which notes that Miller is apparently handy with a claw hammer and some motor oil.

There's a mug shot, too, which lends credibility to the neighbor who remarked, "He's not right." (See previous post on faces.)


Thu, 08/07/2008 - 10:38am

Man, you'd think this was Muncie.

And the guy doesn't even look like Captain Hammer.