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Opening Arguments

Fort on the Web

There are so many specialized Web sites out there now, that a lot of Fort Wayne news is going to show up on some of them. Two stories made those sites yesterday. The News-Sentinel's story on the system breakdown leaving Burmese refugees in need made the Refugee Resettlement Watch, a site dedicated to keeping track of "volags" (volunteer agencies), non-profit groups that contract with the federal government to place refugees in this country. It says:

 I can't say I'm surprised.   The lid is finally blowing off the Ft. Wayne refugee resettlement program, so who didn't see this coming?    We started reporting to you last September (Ft. Wayne freaking out) that Ft. Wayne was completely overloaded with refugees.  But, apparently some officials like the head of the Family and Social Services Administration now claim they are surprised.

What the heck?  We live in Maryland and we knew you were getting swamped.

And the awful story of the 53 animals seized from an abandoned home carried by WANE-TV made the pet-abuse.com site, which listed it in the "hoarding" category, although it's not a typical case of someone bringing in too many pets into the house. These animals had just been left alone to fend for themselves. I don't recommend spending a lot of time at this site all at one time.

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