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Opening Arguments

Get the condoms. Wait, not you!

Well, OK, maybe this possible change in policy by the Catholic Church is "historic," but it doesn't seem that earth-shattering:

"We are conducting a very profound scientific, technical and moral study," said the head of the Vatican Council for Health Pastoral Care. The church is expected to give a guarded, provisional blessing to the use of condoms by married couples when one of them suffers from Aids, as a way of protecting the health of the other partner.

If 40 million people are infected with HIV, with 13,000 new cases each day, protecting only the uninfected half of married couples seems rather like bailing out the flooded basement with a teaspoon. It is locking the barn door after the horse is half out, or half the horses are out. It is -- well, tortured reasoning.

Cardinal Martini was referring to the legitimacy of self-defence: if a woman's survival is threatened by the sexual advances of her husband, she is justified in defending herself - by persuading the man to use a condom - even if the result is that a potential baby is not conceived.

Perhaps there is a moral distinction I am missing between carelessly infecting with AIDS and thus killing a spouse and carelessly creating a fetus that is aborted.

But moral nuancing has a long and noble tradition within the church.

Ah, I see.

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Bob G.
Thu, 05/04/2006 - 7:06am

And what level of profundity does Cardinal Martini currently operate on....I wonder?
(He could have ties to the ACLU)

Me thinks he might be takin' a wee bit MORE of the sacremental wine than he is letting on....then again, I knew some priests that ONLY used "top shelf" spirits...purely for MEDICINAL purposes, you understand.

But if you really want to bail out that basement (metaphorically speaking)...try using a STRAINER...much more "profound" than using a mere teaspoon....LOL!