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Opening Arguments

God rules

Got your "God in the Hoosier news" update here. A teenager in Terre Haute expressed dismay at what she perceived as an "intolerant" sign at a church:

Saagarika Coleman submitted a letter to the editor of the Tribune-Star (see page A8) stating that she was “hit with a wave of shock. I was horrified” when she saw the sign at Bible Baptist Church as her father drove her to school Monday morning.

The sign stated, “Jesus died and rose and lives for you. What did Allah do.”

Well, since "Allah" is God and Jesus is, you know, the son of God, that's a nice little non sequitir there. "What did Allah do?" Pretty much everything, is the way I hear it. I'm guessing the sign was really supposed to refer to Mohammad rather than Allah.

Perhaps that kind of ignorance can be cleared up by the "By the Book" Bible studies effort in Huntington. The program was suspended, you might recall, when a federal judge ruled that it was a violation of the separation of church and state because the trailers in which the classes were held were in school parking lots. Officials now say the programs are returning, and will serve 97 percent of third- and fourth-graders, with the trailers parked across the streets from schools.

Hair unsplit! Problem solved! Now there's at least a chance some of those students will be mowed down trying to cross the street in traffic and thus be spared the scary possibility of being exposed to that dangerous religious instruction.