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Opening Arguments

Going to a party, party

Musician If you doubt how nice Headwaters Park has become with the addition of the permanent pavilion, you should check out one of the many festivals that are held there. I went to Fiesta Fort Wayne over the weekend and had a great time. (See VIDEO here.) The only thing lacking was live music, which I missed through my own fault -- I went on Sunday afternoon, the last day of the festival. Good food, crafts, fun people. Imagine if we strung all those festivals together, one weekend after another, culminating in the Three Rivers Festival. Or maybe that would concentrate too much of our celebration (and all the work that goes with it) into too short a space. How about a nice winter festival some weekend when we don't think we can stand one more day of February?

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Tue, 09/06/2005 - 10:11pm

I attended Fiesta Fort Wayne and had a great time. You're right, Leo: good music, good food and good people.

Barry said (from the "Rant of the Litter" post): "Latinos...brought back TB and other infectious diseases formerly eradicated in the USA; spiked our rates of drunk driving..." And he's "mad as hell and...not going to take it anymore"

No cough. I arrived home safely. And I'm really happy; I'm going to attend next year.