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Opening Arguments

Good luck

Even the federal government can't bring itself to do anything about "undocumented workers," and Sheriff Ken Fries wants to track the activities of "illegal aliens"?

The Allen County Sheriff's Department is one of the first in Indiana to track crimes committed by illegal aliens.

But will it translate into helping rid the community of that unwanted influence?

Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries wants to know how the influx of “illegals” is impacting our crime problem, and he's instituted a new strategy to try and get a handle on it.

Staff at the County Jail now ask defendants being booked into lock-up, are you a U.S. citizen?

In August, 22 admitted to being illegal aliens, 17 of whom said they were from Mexico.

Lot of guts, Mr. Fries. More power to you, though it's probably a fool's errand.


Bob G.
Wed, 09/05/2007 - 1:27pm

If Sheriff Ken wants to run a "fool's errand"...I'd feel a lot safer with more "fools" JUST LIKE HIM around, believe me!

Better him than the REAL, honest-to-God ones we already have too many of.


Andrew Jarosh
Sat, 09/08/2007 - 5:35pm

It's illegal immigrant, not alien. No wonder they get a bad rap; people see them as martians.