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Opening Arguments

Head space

I see the word thought police are out in force in Missouri:

Advocates for the disabled in Missouri want to strike the word "handicapped" from state laws about parking spaces.

[. . .]

Green said she'd like to see the spaces marked in blue to be known simply as "accessible parking." The Planning Council and other advocacy groups have said they'll push for legislation to change the language in state law. Pritchard-Green said that's already the case in several other states.

Accessible parking? Who will know what that means? At least they don't advocate "differently abled parking" or "exceptional parking," which would force me to counter with "crippled parking" and "gimps only."

At the risk of sounding sane, it's how we treat people that matters. The fact that every establishment is required to make such spaces available more than trumps whatever offense some might take at how the spaces are labled.


Wed, 12/03/2008 - 12:23pm

Reminds me a bit of SB 94-2007 that changed terms in the Indiana Code used to describe people with disabilities:

It changes:

William Larsen
Wed, 12/03/2008 - 12:57pm


1: providing access
2 a: capable of being reached ; also : being within reach b: easy to communicate or deal with
3: capable of being influenced : open
4: capable of being used or seen : available
5: capable of being understood or appreciated

If they change the statute to "accesible", then anyone may park there. Courts generally seek the plain and literal language of a statute. They assume that congress uses common words in their common meanings. Clearly accessible does not have anything to do with excluding anyone.

The legislature must not have many pressing issues if they are dealing with nonsense such as this. The voters need to clean house.

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 2:22pm

One could argue that wasting time on issues like this prevents them interfering in peoples' actual lives.

tim zank
Wed, 12/03/2008 - 3:47pm

It also is a prime example of wasting thousands of dollars and man er uh "person hours". It's this kind of crap that goes largely un-noticed, but if you were to add up all the goofy frickin' legislation from all the frickin' counties, in all the fricken states, and the money it then costs to implement these goofy frickin' ideas, you'd have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars.

Just think in this one Missouri County what it will cost to:
A:Lobby for the change
B:Pass the legislation
C:Notify the public via publication
D:Notify Law Enforcement in print
E:Notify in writing all land owners that have said spaces
F:Paint new signs for ALL spaces
g:Paint & Labor (State Union Wage) to re-paint the asphalt too

tim zank
Wed, 12/03/2008 - 3:48pm

I accidently hit the submit button, but you get the idea, it could go on and on, and always does.

That is stupidity.