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Opening Arguments

Hey, Dude

Newspapers periodically try to show they're still relevant to kids by doing these cute features on the slang being used these days. The stories are pretty pathetic, because the slang has usually changed by the time the story hits the streets, and who should really give a rip about ever-changing ways of saying the same old things? Now, somebody has finally done a slang dictionary that deserved to be done:

A dictionary of "gran slang" has been created to help young people understand their elders.

Words like telegram and tomfoolery feature in the dictionary along with hullabaloo and poppycock.

[. . ]

"Many of the words used by teenagers today are incomprehensible to older generations, but it must be equally baffling for younger people trying to get to grips with the lexicon of their grandparents.

"Understanding is a two-way street and that is where the "gran slang" dictionary comes in."

Those slang words never change, you see. What "poppycock" meant yesterday it will mean tomorrow. "That is soooo random," on the other hand, will completely change in meaning, if it's even still around.


Bob G.
Thu, 02/19/2009 - 5:48pm

Now you know why I prefer to use KLINGON...(no slang)!

You speak what you MEAN...or you are without honor.