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Opening Arguments

House rules

Jenny Kephart, the woman with the "How dare you not do your duty to keep me from hurting myself" lawsuit, keeps plodding along, and her case against the casino that took her for $1 million will be heard by the Indiana Supreme Court. UPI dug up a professor who says there must be something about the case that distinguishes it from similar cases in which the casinos have won. But it sounds like the same old "everybody's fault but mine" argument to me:

The casino has argued it did not have a duty to save Kephart from herself and she could have asked the casino to bar her entrance. Kephart said that did not occur to her because she had reasoned, in a way typical of those with gambling addictions, that she would have to keep betting for the opportunity to win back her money, the newspaper reported.

"(Casinos) are in a world of their own, making their own rules. I hope we get to court to expose and change these practices." Kephart's attorney said on her instructions.

Well, sure, but everybody knows those rules, one of which is "The House always wins," and you enter that world -- voluntarily -- at your own risk. Kephart is the one who is living in her own world, one in which you try to change the rules after the game is already over.

Elsewhere on the gambling front, this has to get the award for most disingenuous claptrap on the subject:

"We watched the results of that election and obviously the Mayor was happy that the citizens of Ohio got their chance to vote in a referendum and he's still pushing to get that here. With Ohio getting casinos means for our chances, I couldn't speculate that,” said Ozzie Mitson, Legislative and Business Liaison for the City of Fort Wayne.

It is estimated that casinos in Ohio will siphon milions from Indiana's gambling take, both from Buckeyes who stay home to gamble and Hoosiers who go there to lose their money instead of throwing it away here -- and Fort Wayne officials are happy that Ohio voters approved gambling, even for very near Toledo? A distressed industry is going to become even more distressed, and we still want to get in on it?Somebody's going to have to explain that one to those of us in the bleachers who can't quite see the playing field.


Tue, 11/10/2009 - 11:54am

Right. And McDonald's could have refused to sell me that last burger before I got fat. And there was the last six-pack before I wrecked my car. It's never my fault.

Fri, 11/13/2009 - 10:32am

It's wonderful that everyone from Fort Wayne will be able to get to Toledo safer and faster by going on the new Fort to Port highway.