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Opening Arguments

Indy envy

Could someone explain what a convention hotel complex planned for downtown Indianapolis has to do with Harrison Square?

Naysayers who continue to pick away at the Harrison Square project should take a look at Indianapolis, a booming city thriving partly because of officials' willingness to leverage public money with private partnerships.

Well, OK. Guy across the street from me is planning to buy a new car. That's not proof it's time for me to buy one and certainly no guarantee I will buy the right one for my needs.

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Mike Sylvester
Thu, 05/17/2007 - 11:41am


The JG seems to support every project and every tax increase that is presented to them...

Mike Sylvester

Thu, 05/17/2007 - 12:52pm

How to make Fort Waste a Boom-town with a stroke of a pen (and suck INDY dry- giggle)

with a stroke of a pen, make Fort Wayne the New Capital of Indiana. We've had 2 so far. why not move it to the worst city in Indiana every 10 years or so?

I gurantee all the Government workers, and Parsites will move to Fort wayne, and we will have triple digit growth in short order. Jobs Jobs jobs!
Of course, then Indy will be the deserted Ghost town, because their entire economy is dependent on the restof us Hoosier Taxpayers.
crunch the numbers- bet I'm right.
The other thing this city needs is a good 5 cent slot machine, like the free one at my blog: