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Opening Arguments

Isn't it romantic?

Well, there goes another "coping with madness results in great art" story:

History has always painted Vincent Van Gogh as the artist who cut off his ear. But according to researchers, history might have got the wrong man.

They believe that, in fact, it was Paul Gauguin, an artist of almost equal renown, who cut off his friend's ear.

And the injury wasn't inflicted for the sake of art - rather it was part of a feud over a prostitute.

"Starry Night" is one of the most overrated works of art in history, and it also spawned the incredibly sappy song by Don McClean, who really should have retired with a "job well done" after "American Pie." But Van Gogh suffered, you know; must have been a genius.

Posted in: History


Michael B-P
Thu, 05/07/2009 - 9:16pm

Well, let's leave it to German art historians to pour over the "evidence," scant as it is, for ten years in order that it may yield up another great secret behind the sordid details regarding an episode of gutteral behavior in the lives of two artistic malcontents.

As far as "Starry Night" is concerned, blaming a Van Gogh painting for an "incredibly sappy song" isn't nearly as intelligent as crediting "The Edge of Night" for the birth of Pink Floyd.