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Opening Arguments

It died last week

Groups such as Rush, Chicago and the Moody Blues still haven't made it into the Rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame and won't make it again this year, but lame acts such as the Pet Shop Boys, Nick Cave and that hard-rockin' mama Whitney Houston have been put up for nomination. No wonder there isn't exactly breathless anticipation:

The closest thing to the Madonnas, R.E.M.s, Van Halens and U2s that have starred at recent inductions is probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

[. . .]

Madonna's nomination last year polarized voters and fans — some of whom admired her musical innovations and longevity, others who thought she had nothing to do with the three words that precede "Hall of Fame" in the institution's name. If nominated, Houston probably will stir up even more of a fuss.

Why don't they just admit they've hit the bottom of the barrel and move on to something else? Unless rock 'n' roll is redefined to include what are now considered other forms, there aren't likely to be many more superstars.

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Bob G.
Mon, 09/08/2008 - 1:55pm

Ain't it the TRUTH!