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Opening Arguments

It slipped his mind

Well, OK, I write reminders on my calendar of upcoming meetings, and sometimes I leave a sticky note on the door about some errand I need to do that day so I will see it on the way out of the house. But this guy takes the cake for bad memory:

Police say they found hundreds of pictures of child pornography in a southeast Fort Wayne home. The home owner, 72-year old Lewis Jack Philpot is now facing 5 felony charges of possessing child pornography.

The porn bust happened at 901 Creighton Avenue back in February. Police found hundreds of images of child pornography in files, boxes and on a computer. On Friday, they charged Philpot after months of investigations.

[. . .]

Court documents show Philpot told police he had wanted to get rid of the porn for years, but didn't know how. When police asked him about some photos taped to his bedroom mirror, he said they were a reminder to throw out the collection.

He was turned in by a stepson who says the collection is more than 30 years old. Man, that's a lot of reminding time.


Bob G.
Tue, 08/12/2008 - 11:39am

Damn...makes my COMIC collection pale in comparison...but at least I won't become a "guest" of the AC lockup for hoarding my Spiderman & Silver Surfer pulps ALL these years!