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Opening Arguments

It's Miller time

Oh, come on:

For more than 100 college presidents and athletic directors, beer and the NCAA men's basketball tournament don't mix.

The college leaders — among them the top officials at Harvard, Abilene Christian and Georgia State — wrote a letter to NCAA President Myles Brand on Wednesday calling beer advertising "embarrassingly prominent" during tournament broadcasts. They asked the organization to reconsider its policies on alcohol advertising.

Sports plus beer ads; what a shock. If the college presidents and athletic directors want to talk about something that's "embarrassingly prominent," how about near-professional sports teams that have become the tail wagging the college dog. Oh, wait, this just in: Eric Gordon is going pro after just a year at Indiana Univeristy.


Bob G.
Thu, 04/10/2008 - 11:01am

And now you know WHY sports such as BOCCE BALL, JAI ALAI, and CURLING have more of an allure to ME these days...!