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Opening Arguments

Just one more question

If you like mysteries, it never got much better than this on TV. What made it special, other than the commanding presence of Peter Falk, was the central premise. Viewers knew from the beginning of the episode who committed the murder; the joy was not just watching Columbo catch up with us as he built a case, but also learning what it was that made him zero in on the right suspect despite a lack of any obvious evidence.

(Note to you know who: I know this isn't on my Amazon list, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to find it under the Christmas tree.)

If a code of ethics is ever created for bloggers, I probably just violated 90 percent of it. That's OK. I didn't do it, you can't prove anything, nobody saw me, I was somewhere else at the time, it depends on what is is. What's that? You have just one more question before you move on . . . ?

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