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Opening Arguments

This is just wrong

Baltimore Sun photo
Baltimore Sun photo

It's not enough for some people to lose their own dignity on Halloween, prancing around in silly costumes. They have to go into anthropomorphic overdrive and inflict the nonsense on their hapless pets, too:

A lot of kids will be wearing scary costumes on Halloween, but have you seen Terre Haute's scariest dog? About 15 dogs competed for treat prizes in the first ever Halloween Dog Costume Contest.
The categories included the scariest, funniest and most original. The best overall award went to a dog wearing a rubber ducky bubble bath costume.

A rubber ducky costume -- no loss of dignity there! Or, I don't know, maybe our pets do have an incredibly rich fantasy life we can't even understand and are secretly please to be able to express it sometimes.
Coming soon: Myth of the stray homeless dog problem exposed! Most of them are really acoholic or mentally ill.
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Bob G.
Thu, 10/29/2009 - 9:20am

...But they still just MIGHT qualify for that $8000 from the gov't for being "first-time home buyers"...no matter WHAT get-up they're wearing.
(and they "do" have attorneys, I hear...)
Dignity be damned...LMAO!