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Opening Arguments

Kng of colas


My love affair with Royal Crown Cola began in college when we started drinking RC with Crown Royal whisky. That drink is commonly known as "Royal Crown Crown Royal," but we just called it "Double Crown."

RC Cola lives in a magical taste palace somewhere between Pepsiland and Cokeville. Like Pepsi, it's sweeter than Coke, but it isn't as overpoweringly sweet. And like Coke, it has a fuller "cola" flavor than Pepsi, but doesn't have that lingering stale cola aftertaste.

As the author notes, RC does go well with Moon Pies. It's also the best cola with which to concoct my favorite Appalachian snack. Open the bottle and pour in a handful of peanuts. Then as you drink the cola, you also eat the cola-soaked peanuts. Pepsi will do as a backup, but RC is the best.


Larry Morris
Wed, 09/05/2007 - 7:52am

Sorry, even though I was there too and grew up with RC (and moon pies, and peanuts in the bottle, ...) I have to say Dr Pepper wins today, ...

Bob G
Wed, 09/05/2007 - 8:09am

RC was always the "go-to" beverage of choice when we couldn't find Coke or Pepsi and back in Philly actually developed an affinity for it, as it was always in the vending machines.

But I'm with Larry nowadays...DP is King!
(Mr Pibb will do in a pinch if you find yourself south of the Mason-Dixon line though)

Then there's Vernors...or Squirt..(both an acquired taste).

Nice thing about maturity...you don't have to "go with the (marketing) flow" any longer...

"Never had it...never will".



A J Bogle
Wed, 09/05/2007 - 9:17am

How about some Buffalo Rock? Another popular southern regional drink like RC

Definitely an aquired taste like Vernors which is a personal fav.

A J Bogle
Wed, 09/05/2007 - 9:18am

Forgot to mention - I really miss Hire's root beer

blows A&W and Barqs away

Andrew Jarosh
Sat, 09/08/2007 - 5:38pm

Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Dr. Brown's Cream Soda, a NYC deli delight.

A J Bogle
Sun, 09/09/2007 - 8:30pm

A yes Dr Browns - my fav is the Black Cherry