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Opening Arguments

At-large Republicans

My video of Republican at-large candidates threatened to be too big, so I split it up -- Part 1 has the six candidates -- John Crawford, Marty Bender, Bob Morris, Liz Brown, Adam Mildred and Kurt Gutman -- answering the first two questions, and Part 2 covers the other three questions.

On the five questions: 1. The challengers expressed some reservations but were generally supportive of Harrison Square. Incumbent Crawford said he was still making up his mind, but, as we now know, he ended up voting for it. 2. Crawford, naturally, was the most supportive of the tougher smoking ordinance, and Brown was close behind. Bender and Morris wanted some exceptions for people complying with the current ordinance, and Gutman said the city and county missed a chance to work together. 3. All six were generally supportive of at least talking about government reorganization. 4. Priorities for the city -- Crawford: Keep government lean; Bender: The business climate, public safety and infrastructure; Morris: Lower tax burden; Brown: Be a leader in showing why we are a premiere city; Mildred: Clear the way to let businesses create jobs; Gutman: Basic city services. 5. What's the best thing about Fort Wayne? Crawford: The people; Bender: A good place to raise children; Morris: Our rich history and the people; Brown: The people and the city's affordability; Mildred: A great place to work, play and raise kids; Gutman: The unique things in our history.


Thu, 04/26/2007 - 12:58pm

I wonder if Marty Bender still wants to "kick ass and take names, or whatever the stupid quote "the Shield" said.
And is he driving his take-home cop car to campaign events again? like joyner did? and Bender did a few years back?
Or driving city owned motorcycles across county lines to motorcycle rallies, contrary to city vehicle police policy?
and why didnt he write any tickets for illegal cherrymasters?
He will have to abstain from all police related matters coming up in council, so why waste your vote?
I've been a victim of police harassment, so needless to say, i dont like cops.
Call Off the Police State- C>O>P>S>
and make them abide by the same laws as the rest of us. serve and protect, not ticket and collect. dont vote for "RonnaLinda" Buskirk either..