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Opening Arguments

A little help with God

Two Muslim inmates in the Terre Haute federal prison are getting some help from the ACLU:

Two Muslim inmates held in a special unit at the federal prison in Terre Haute say they aren't allowed to pray in groups as often as their religion commands and have asked a federal judge to ease worship limits imposed by the Bureau of Prisons.

[. . .]

Muslims are required to pray five times a day, but the lawsuit, filed on behalf of inmates Enaam Arnaout and Randall T. Royer, says inmates in the CMU are allowed to pray as a group just one hour a week. The ACLU claims that violates a federal law barring the government from restricting religious activities without showing a compelling need.

And Terry Nichols -- you remember him from the Oklahoma City bombing -- thinks the quickest way to God is through his stomach:

Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols is asking for a court-appointed lawyer to help him with a lawsuit complaining about the food he gets in prison.

Nichols claims in his suit that the federal Supermax prison in Colorado is causing him to "sin against God" because he doesn't get enough whole grains and fresh food.
I don't know what sins against God Nichols is committing now, but I'm sure we can all think of one he committed back when he could get all the whole grains and fresh food he wanted. But it certainly is nice that all these prisoners are so concerned about God. Who says prison can't rehabilitate people?