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Opening Arguments

A little T&A with that Happy Meal?

At an unmanned Redbox kiosk, you can pay your money and get a movie from the vending machine, even an R-rated one. The kiosks are at a lot of areas with high kid traffic, like McDonald's. So the fight is on:

Having received no response, Conklin is now preparing to seek a state injunction to remove the mature movies from McDonald's.

“I'm not the moral right, but if you're marketing Happy Meals, and you're entertaining kids, then this isn't the place to be renting these types of movies,” said Conklin. “Our intention is that, if this is going to be for the general public, then we are asking them to have G-rated films only.”

Redbox VP of marketing Gary Lancina said, “Redbox is intended for use by customers age 18 years and older. We feel the appropriate measures are in place to allow parents and families to make educated choices regarding age-appropriate entertainment options when using Redbox kiosks.”

There are plenty of ways for kids to get "age inappropriate" moves, such as downloading them on the computer or just watching them on cable TV. It's probably easier to do than finding drugs for sale near a high school. So is this a pontless battle? Ot does it matter to still try to draw a line somewhere?


Bob G.
Mon, 10/08/2007 - 10:00am

Well, we initially drew a LINE across our Southern border...

And we ALL know how well THAT worked.


Mon, 10/08/2007 - 5:15pm

Is "T&A" acceptable language in respectable newsman's blog?

Of course, everyone knows that Leo is writing about "talent and abilities".