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Opening Arguments

The Matt and Nelson Show

Last evening, I happened to see a Matt Kelty TV ad and a Nelson Peters one about an hour apart, and something struck me about them. Maybe someone with some political campaign savvy can tell me how accurate my impression was. TV political ads can be used to highlight the candidates' good points, but they can also be used to misdirect us a little, and it seemed to me this was going on in the ads.

In person, Matt Kelty is a bundle of energy -- he talks a mile a minute, with large gestures, sometimes seeming nearly on the verge of exploding. That can make people nervous. In his ad, though, he doesn't speak at all. He is shown smiling, hanging out with his family, while music plays and an announcer does a voiceover, in a soft, calm voice. There, there, it's all right, voters.

Nelson Peters, on the other hand, is extremely low-key in person, some might even say dull and boring. His ad showed Peters talking, strongly and forcefully, while the camera, I swear, zoomed in and out and panned and did quick cuts, using motion to make it look like the candidate was a bundle of engery though he was just sitting there. Hey, look what a dynamic guy, voters!

I'd like to tell you the substance of the ads, but I don't remember. Not the point anyway, huh?


Wed, 05/02/2007 - 11:16am

nelson peters wants to take your guns away

and your cigarettes. and your "pot", and your money. and your freedoms. He is already on the record as saying he will create at least a dozen new positions in city government, to delegate everything he doesnt know how to do.
If you liked the growth in big local government- in terms of taxes, cops on every corner, government control through welfare ( a working man is a free man- jobs fled liek the plague during the helmke administration)
local corruption, and racketeering- cherrymasters, and other vices, under the blind eyes of Helmke, and Peters

then go ahead. vote for nelson peters. He will be gone in 6 months, and Helmke will be caucused in by GOP sycophants.
also, look forward to a game of GOP-Musical chairs, as all his elected supporters jockey for positions in a (NOT) peters administration. and the subsequent caucuses to fill those vacant slots.
and speaking of slots- did i mention that Harrison Square is the build up to downtown casino gambling. I'll bet you $$$.

Nelson peters wants to take your guns away. Matt Kelty doesnt.

Thu, 05/03/2007 - 2:21am


I'm not sure why I am stooping to respond to your ridiculous comment but I suppose it is because you are really, really getting on my nerves. I have asked you this before but you did not reply. Tell me when Nelson Peters ever mentioned taking away our guns. I suppose you did not repond when I asked you this previously because Nelson has never said this. Any by the way, Nelson has never mentioned taking your "pot" away but you do realize it is illegal, right?

I'm sure Nelson could care less if you smoke your brains out (with cigarettes or "pot") but when it comes to smoking in public places where children are present, he cares because the children don't have a voice and sometimes they have stupid parents that smoke around them or take these little ones with little lungs into an enclosed smoking area. I am glad for the smoking ban even it even protects just one little child from the harmful effects of second hand smoke. Not to mention, it is sickening and sad when I encounter a child that reeks of cigarette smoke. Too bad some parents are too selfish to put their children first.

Have a great day, Roach.
Don't get too high!