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Opening Arguments

Mene jurks

QT says his latest film "Inglourious Basterds" might take its title from the 1970s B-movie "Dirty Dozen" ripoff  "Inglorious Bastards" but it is not a remake. It is, instead, Tarantino's version of a Spaghetti Western set in Nazi-era Europe. Goody, can't wait. A lot of the discussion about the film centers on the misspellings in the title, which most observers conclude is "just one of those Tarantino things" he does to stand out. I did catch this, though:

Rumor has it that Pitt's character is an illiterate, lynch-rope-scarred hillbilly from Tennessee, hence the movie's purposefully misspelled header, "Inglourious Basterds."

I don't have my Appalachian heritage insulted nearly enough now that everybody's gotten so sensitive. Thank God I can still count on the movie business.

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