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Opening Arguments

Missed it by THAT much

Count me as one who looked forward to the iPad but felt disappointment at seeing the actual device, for some of the same reasons "Working Mom" Katie Granju mentions:

 I won't and really can't consider buying one until it has these missing features. And that's a bummer, because if it did have a webcam, a USB port and Flash capability, I would have been first in line at the Apple Store. 

As I've mentioned before, I'm looking for true convergence, that one device that can replace all the neat electronic stuff we have to carry around these days. This was so close. It would handle the music that the IPod carries, the movies I watch on my netbook, the books I carry around in my Kindle, the Internet I now access with my laptop or desktop. But I'd still need my cell phone, my still camera, my digital camera, my digital recorder . . . Besides, I'm becoming a fan of Skye, and I wouldn't be able to videocall with this, either. And you can't do two things at once, like read and listen to music or get on the Internet to look up some background about the book you're reading.

Maybe with version 2 or 3, but not now,  Apple.


Mon, 02/01/2010 - 10:26pm

How about a much lower price, Leo?