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Opening Arguments

Mistakes happen

Welcome to real life, boys:

One of the students, William Martin, a freshman political science major, responded to an e-mail sent by ABC News to all nine of the alleged offenders asking if there was another side of the story.

"nobody (sic) ever looks at the good things a person does with their life," Martin wrote, describing a trip to Mexico during which he built houses and other volunteer work feeding the hungry.

"But as soon as we make a mistake everyone is incredibly quick to judge us. yes (sic) we made a huge mistake, and I feel absolutely horrible about the situation. but (sic) the only way to live a valid life is to learn from our mistakes so as not to repeat them ever again."

The "mistake" the frat pledges don't want to be judged too harshly for was a brinking binge that trashed a couple of motel rooms to the tune of $1,000. Yeah, they can get beyond it and live it down. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy their immediate misery.