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Opening Arguments

Nag, nag, nag

I thought I'd been nagged by the best, but apparently not:

A woman's "nagging" led her husband to buy a ticket in the $7.5 million Powerball with a couple of minutes to spare on Saturday night.

[. . .]

I have never been so glad to listen to my wife's nagging," he said.

Way to encourage her, pal. You now deserve what you get for the rest of your life.

My rule is that it's not nagging until the third time -- until then, it's just a friendly reminder. I learned this from my poor mother's efforts to make me shape up as a child. She once said something like, "I'm warning you for the last time . . ." and I replied, "Thank God -- I thought you were going to go on all day." For some reason, she didn't think that was funny.