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Opening Arguments


You might remember how I ranted after President Bush said we were "safer but not safe." What he was saying was understandable, but he was mangling the language. It's adjective, comparative, superlative: safe, safer, safest. A commenter said, well, what do you expect from someone who is such a poor communicator? But what do you say about the Indianapolis Star committing the same sin? It says in both a story and headline that the State Fair's food, the trans fats now gone from the deep-frying process, "is healthier, not healthy." All right, class, what's the answer? That's right: healthy, healthier, healthiest.

And could we please knock off knocking food that's eaten only once or twice a year? Nag, nag, nag:

But trans fats are known to clog blood flow, so this year's switch in cooking oils by the fair management "will be better for your heart in the long run," said Angie Scheetz, a wellness coordinator for the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Downtown Indianapolis.

But, she warned, that's not a recommendation to reach for a funnel cake after downing a corn dog. You are not saving calories because of the change in oils, she said.

Plus, the item being fried could well have trans fat in it, she added. 

I won't even go into how "plus" was misued in that last sentence. That way, I can keep my reputation of being whinier but not whiny.


Bob G.
Mon, 08/13/2007 - 10:37am

And remember, a good cheese goes great with whatever "whine" you have available.