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Opening Arguments

No sex, please, we're astronauts

Oh, well. So much for the 200-mile-high club:

Commanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed.

 "We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been.

"We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."

[. . .]

Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.

The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman already on the station.

Well, what's the point of going into space then? Contrary to what some of you might have been thinking, I'm all for sex when we get a few years beyond the Kindergarten-through-Fifth Grade set. It's just not apporpriate in some situations, which is why we have to be careful about sending women into places previously off limits to them, such as submarines, the space station and the Supreme Court. When Elena Kagan is confirmed, that will result in three women on the court at the same time! Heaven only knows what will go on in those back rooms after that.


Tue, 06/29/2010 - 10:44pm

So they are telling us that nobody, repeat "nobody", is interested in becoming the first couple to join the "200 Mile High Club!"

And if you believe that story, I have this pristine beach property on Grand Isle that I have up for sale cheap ...