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Opening Arguments

No sex please, we're . . . never mind

And the Mother Country calls us the uncouth, barbaric animals:

BRITISH men and women are now the most promiscuous of any big western industrial nation, researchers have found.

In an international index measuring one-night stands, total numbers of partners and attitudes to casual sex, Britain comes out ahead of Australia, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Well, maybe they do it more, but they probably don't know how to enjoy it, and then they feel guilty about it forever. Stiff upper lip, what!

And this just in:

The Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual and temporal leader, on Friday said sex spelt fleeting satisfaction and trouble later, while chastity offered a better life and "more freedom."

"Sexual pressure, sexual desire, actually I think is short period satisfaction and often, that leads to more complication," the Dalai Lama told reporters in a Lagos hotel, speaking in English without a translator.

Except, you know, we'll run out of people.


Bob G.
Mon, 12/01/2008 - 1:28pm

Never fear, Leo.
Like any good "republic", we're just trying to emulate another former power - ROME.
(and doing a pretty decent job, I might add).

Funny thing...THEY eventually fell (due to invasions, their economy, sexual deviancy, overcrowding thanks to immigration, and corrupt politicians)
Darn...that sounds "familiar", doesn't it?