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Opening Arguments

No show

Fort Wayne in the spotlight:

The Indianapolis Colts are a sad, mopey, miserable football team that aggressively drains the life force out of anyone who watches them play because they want them to win.

Still, people expect them to be on television, which raises an interesting question: At what point does a local network television affiliate have a social responsibility to not show something that makes people so sad? It's like showing a live beheading in primetime. Yeah, it would probably be a ratings hit, but is it a good thing for society? When is it up to a TV station to protect viewers from themselves?

For the local Fox affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind., just a two-hour drive from Indianapolis, that time came Sunday. Ten losses were enough. One more metaphorical shiv to the ribcage at the hands of Cam Newton(notes) and the Carolina Panthers? No thank you. The people of Fort Wayne will watch the Bears, and they'll like it. (Chicago is also only 200 miles away from Fort Wayne).

Good way to put it, "something that makes people so sad." At least I'm a Bears fan, too, so I probably would have watched them even if both games had been carried here. My friend the Lions fan is actually rooting for the Colts to win at least one game so Detroit's 0-16 record stays unique. Heck of a season.


Tue, 11/29/2011 - 11:53am

I've become a Stanford football fan, so I can watch our future quarteback at work. I love to watch the Colts lose and feel cheated by Fox. Every loss is a stronger claim to Andrew Luck. Suck for Luck!