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Opening Arguments

Not on the square

A Fort Wayne couple decides there's not much to do here and opts for a fun day at the new casino in Anderson. They thoroughly enjoy themselves, and the husband remarks that "next year we won't have to leave Fort Wayne to have a wonderful time."

We will be able to drive right downtown to look at our beautiful new baseball diamond. Are we going to have a winter league? Hopefully, the condos will be bought and built so we can look at those, too. I can see the money pouring into Fort Wayne coffers already.

If you haven't read any of Tom McComb's other letters to the editor, you might think he's in favor of Harrison Square instead of having been so vehemently against it that he once wrote about how he would work against the "six dictators" on City Council who voted for it. But notice he writes about all the things he and his wife did in Anderson and how they will able to look at the baseball diamond and condos. And note his observation that most of the officials who voted for the project "have been booted out of office for some reason."

Pretty subtle for sarcasm. I like it. But McComb should be aware (as a former boss once warned me) that humor is dangerous. I'll bet more than half the people who read his letter will take it seriously.

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Thu, 01/08/2009 - 11:34pm

It seems to me that people taking Tom seriously is far less dangerous to my personal finances than the government actions he subtly protests.

I offer this Fort Wayne style "fun example" from Marketminder of how bad government can really hurt.

A fun example is Fresno, a little agricultural-based city wanting to make it big in the great state of California. Over the years