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Opening Arguments

One for Britney

If this is true, we can say there has finally been an encounter in which Britney Spears is the sympathetic one:

Troubled pop diva Britney Spears reportedly kicked television talk show host "Dr. Phil" McGraw out of her room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Saturday before being released from the facility later in the day, sources told FOXNews.com.

According to sources, Spears responded angrily when the talk show host entered the room and demanded he leave at once.

Phil has struck out in Indiana, too. He apparently tried to get current Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon and former mayor Kevin Smith on the show to talk about their still-ongoing dispute about who should hold the office, but they said no:

Both Ockomon and Smith declined the Dr. Phil Show, saying it would be unprofessional to take their dispute to the national airwaves.

That's Hoosier common sense for you, Dr. Phil, you chucklehead.