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Opening Arguments

One law for all

A little late, but the right move:

The Indianapolis public safety director identified at least one police policy Thursday that is likely to change in response to the fatal crash involving officer David Bisard.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department doesn't require officers involved in crashes to take breath tests to determine whether they were under the influence of alcohol. But Frank Straub said the city's Fire Department does have such a policy in place.

"My sense is we will be moving very quickly in that direction" for police, Straub said.

Here in Fort Wayne, meanwhile, Fort Wayne Police Officer Kevin P. Jolas was responding to a non-ermegency call (which means no lights or sirens) when he hit an critically injured a pedestrian:

At the scene, (Police Chief Rusty) York said Jolas was subjected to a battery of unbiased medical tests


Lewis Allen
Sat, 08/28/2010 - 4:22pm

Yes, such testing would be good for all. It would vindicate public servants who aren't in the wrong, and hopefully build trust. It should be standard practice.