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Opening Arguments


A South Bend Tribune writer, in describing a new play, unintentionally revealing the decline of civilization:

SOUTH BEND -- The ex-patriot bar owner. The falsely accused innocent man on the run.

The down-and-out broad.

Christopher Durang rounds up all the usual suspects in "Adrift in Macao," his musical spoof of the film noir genre that opens Friday as The Acting Ensemble Stage Company's final mainstage production of the summer.

The writer later gets into the stereotypes of the kind of movies being parodied here. How can you grasp "tropes" and "film noir" and "existential angst" and not know how to spell "expatriate"? Or maybe he really means a former flag-waver rather than a citizen in exile. And where was the copy editor, for goodness sake?

Doomed, I tell you, we're all doomed.