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Opening Arguments


Brace yourselves, men, your fragile egos are about to take another beating:

Almost twice as many women as men wish they had married someone else, says a survey.

More than one in five married women (22 per cent) said that if they could go back in time they would change their husband.

Just 12 per cent of married men, however, admitted picking the wrong wife. Over 35s were asked to name their biggest regrets for the study.

Men think of sex first, the relationship second. Women think of the relationship first. Men want to fall in love with the women they have sex with. Women want to have sex with the men they've fallen in love with. So, while women are more likely to regret their choices, think that they've fallen in love with the wrong man, men are more likely to think about all the women they aren't having sex with and regret the marriage itself, no matter to whom. But the poll doesn't go there.

It also doesn't state the obvious: that 78 percent of women and 88 percent of men don't think they pick the wrong partners.