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Opening Arguments

Party like it's . . . oh, ne

If you've gearing up for that big End of the World party for Dec. 21, 2012, you might want to uncancel your insurance and stop spending the kids' college money:

A critique of the Mayan calendar in the textbook, “Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World,” argues that the conversion from the Mayan calendar to modern calendar may actually by off by about 50-100 years.

And that means the Apocalypse would also be delayed, with no clear arrival date.

So, if the conversion is off by 100 years, the end of the world might not come until 2112. On the other hand, it might already have happened, and we just didn't notice. That gets my vote. (My best bad pun ever: "I don't know if that's the Apocalypse or not, but Armageddon outta here.")

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tim zank
Wed, 10/20/2010 - 9:39am

That is your best bad pun so far anyway!! Ha! Well done Leo!