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Opening Arguments

The party's over

There are good reasons to save some old buildings. They might have architectural significance or some strong historical connection. They might still have some use left in them. Being the place where a minor Hollywood star from more than 50 years ago nodded off in study hall isn't one of those good reasons:

FAIRMOUNT, Ind. - The small-town high school where James Dean was first exposed to acting could be demolished now that a California group has dropped its plans to renovate the building.

[. . .]

Now that the California-based group is out of the picture, the property again belongs to the Madison-Grant Youth Basketball League, which uses the school's gym as a community center for sports.

League President Bob Zirkle said it is planning to tear down the school because the building is so deteriorated that it's falling in on itself.

Isn't it time for the folks in north-central Indiana to acknowledge they've squeezed about all they can out of James Dean's brief fling with fame? Let it go, for God's sake.