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Opening Arguments

Peace tree

Well, that didn't work out too well:

DARMSTADT, Ind. - As World War I neared its end, a group of German immigrants weary of the war planted a linden tree seedling in southwestern Indiana, declaring it the "peace tree."

Ninety years later, the tree has grown into a large shade tree that's tended by Charles and Beth Skeels, who live in an 1880s farmhouse on the property where the tree was planted in 1918.

Beth Skeels said members of her family, the Wortmans -- like many Americans -- were convinced that the war that raged between 1914 and 1918 and killed millions worldwide was so horrible it would be the last conflict of its kind.

"They thought it was the war to end all wars," she said.

But at least they left behind a nice shade tree. You take what you can get in this world.

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