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Opening Arguments

A plan fan

Rob Kaiser, editor of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, has a couple of comments about my "Shoddy side of the street" post concerning the "digital News-Sentinel" flap:

First, we never reported or "led off with," as Leo put it, that the News-Sentinel is going away in two years. We reported that in a recent meeting with staff members, the paper's editor talked about a plan to turn the newspaper into a predominantly online publication. This information came from Leo's colleagues, including people in the meeting. We also reported the paper's editor and publisher deny the existence of such a plan.

Second, these denials were not "tacked on" to the bottom of the story. The first online version of the story had the denials in the fifth paragraph. They are in the second paragraph of the current version online.

The second one first: Point taken. I was guilty of hyperbolic overreaction.

The first one, though: I never said that you said The News-Sentinel was going away in two years. I said that you said "The News-Sentinel you know" is going away in two years. A plan to go all-digital would seem to qualify as the demise of The News-Sentinel as we know it today.

And, sigh, there is no plan, is no plan, is no plan. Anybody who keeps saying so is no colleague of mine.

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