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Opening Arguments

Point of view

DePauw University professor Kevin Howley didn't think much of media coverage of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall -- a "myopic and narcissistic view of history" by a bunch of celebrity reporters "waxing nostalgic" about their own role in history:

What's more, it re-inscribes a particular interpretation of the historical record: an account that implies the ethical and economic superiority of American-style liberal democracy over the morally bankrupt and ideologically repugnant Soviets.

What? American-style democracy might possibly be better than a government run by ideologically repugnant Soviets? How dare the media peddle such nonsense.

The column is mostly about health care, believe it or not, and leans heavily on the views of Rep. Dennis Kucinich that the reforms being pushed through Congress are bad because they will "accelerate the privatization" of health care. You'll have to read the reference Howley makes to Veterans Day and the Fort Hood massacre to believe it --2,300 uninsured veterans die every year, and the growing number of Army suicides is scandalous!